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BRAVE KING was born and raised in Ghana (Kumasi) 1984. A city filled with cultural and musical urban scene.

With all this creativity around him, B.K. was quickly pulled into the entertainment scene.

He started with dance and grew into writing lyrics and soon after that, rapping.

In 2001 he relocated to Europe (Belgium. Antwerpen) and continioud with his music.

With some of his friends he formed a group named D-force with whom he made a couple of demos.

A few years later after growing apart, he formed another group with one og his best friends called Gold Coast Inc. They made a mixtape somewhere between 2012 and 2013.

Gold Coast Inc. is not as active as it was back in the day but B.K. is still active in the music scene with a few singles and collaborations with other artists. 

One of those tracks is "Brave ft Rebbel & Dekonero - Those Jeans" which now has around 14,899 views on YouTube. Our plan, together with him, is to drop a new music video and a few songs in 2023.

Watch out for this artist, because this is raw talent!

Follow him on his Social media pages!

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