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Future Entertainment was founded in 2020 by Davy Wens, and from the very beginning, Future Entertainment has been proud of the wide and growing range of music styles and nationalities that they have in their portfolio. The goal is to build a reputation not only for the quality of the artists, but also for setting high standards in technical production and innovation.


"Artists are good at making art but cannot always handle the ‘business side of things’. We are here to help them build sustainable careers and move crowds.” 

Future Entertainment loves to work with people that create great music. But what is the one thing that separate the best from the rest? First of all: we won’t create ‘one-hit-wonders’ but rather invest in long lasting careers. We believe that music ‘alone’ doesn’t cut it anymore. Besides representing our artists in the music industry, we also work on creating live shows that can be best described as experiences that serve all senses. By combining the artists quality with those of our team members we help to build sustainable careers.

“You can’t do everything, you can’t know everything. We are driven to help artists become the best version they can be of themselves.”

As an artist you wan to focus on creating music, play cool gigs and – if possible – make a decent living doing what you love most: being an artist! But … the music business can be a difficult maze to navigate.  NO WORRIES, we are here to help!

The cross-disciplinary Future Entertainment team members (and partners) have all ‘earned their stripes’ and can help artist with almost any music industry related issues. From career advice to band coaching, from music rights advice to marketing/branding, from complete show design to tour management et cetera we will help you to become (even more) successful.

A selection of our music industry services:

  • music career planning & coaching

  • music marketing & PR

  • business negotiations

  • personal coaching

  • finding the right team (eg. band / performance coaching) & producer for you

  • contract management

  • intellectual property & copyright issues

  • show creation

  • facilities & crew

Do you want more information about our products and services? Or do you have another issue that blocks you from reaching your full potential? Then please contact us to plan a FREE meeting. We’ll treat everything strictly confidential and love to talk to you!


“We move people, on all levels, cater all senses. Whatever the goal or message we’ll deliver a unique experience for your audiences and brand!”

Business events come in many forms and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they are organized to reach a certain goal. We are here to help you realize that!
With our experience in the business event our team promises to bring smiles to faces, make your message ‘stick’ and — above all — help to create, organize and execute events that people will still talk about many years later.
From creating a complete event from just a basic idea or marketing campaign concept to product launches, opening- and closing ceremonies, a party for your personnel, providing acts or functional entertainment: everything is possible.
A selection of our business event services:

  • full event concepting, organization, direction and execution

  • special acts (including opening and closing ceremonies)

  • (functional) entertainment programming

  • composing soundtracks for events

  • creation of musical/video biographies for speakers

  • event marketing and product launches

  • keynote speakers/panel members/chairmen

  • audiovisual equipment and event crew

  • live (multicam) streaming

Our team is always available for brainstorms and help you realise even those ideas that might seem impossible at first glance!

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